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All right soldiers weapons check! Fall in line!

  • Shotgun! Check.
  • Freeze Gun! Check.
  • Assault Rifle! Check.
  • Crossbow!. Check.
  • Scorpion! Check.
  • Boomerang! Check.
  • War Hammer! Check.
  • Napalm Gel! Check.
  • Inflator! Check.
  • Emaciator! Check.
  • Chestburster! Check.

All right maggots, let’s lock and load and move it out! We got fritters that need fryin!

Turok:Rage Wars, the newest member of the Turok family is clearly the most violent, relentless and unforgiving title of the series. Plain and simple its kill or be killed. Eliminate all resistance. This game ain’t for pansies. Only the strong survive.

With the influence of the expansion pak, graphics are no doubt impressive. Acclaim Studios Austin really did their homework in this area. A sharp-looking first-person shooter, Rage Wars graphical highlights definitely lie in the detail of the weapons and weapon effects themselves.

Not only does the weapons arsenal look cool, the bursts put out by each weapon is extremely eye catching. Environments are well designed and fairly dazzling, helping to set the mood of the game. Each environment has its own uniqueness helping to eliminate the feeling of "De Ja Vou" as seen in so many other first-person shooters. Even the enemies are amazingly detailed, that is of course before you blow em to bits!

A word of advice. If your going to appreciate the soundtrack of Rage Wars you definitely have to hear this game in stereo. Turn the bass and treble all the way up and live the game as the blood-curdling screams of the enemy, constant weapons fire, and awesome tribal music will definitely get the adrenaline pumping. Add to this the concussions felt by your weapon of choice through the use of the Rumble Pak and you’ll be the most deranged, trigger-happy Turok to ever play the game.

The single player trial mode is pretty intense, but the mulitplayer modes are where the real excitement is. Engage in all out war and mayhem with the computer or three other friends in the "Capture the Flag," "Frag Fest," and other co-op modes. Choose from 17 playable characters, 36 immense battlegrounds, and equip yourself with the most powerful and destructive weapons of war. No doubt you’ll battle it out with your buddies all day and all night as you blow each other away in an all out , no-weapons-barred, pansy-weeping series of deathmatches.

No question Rage Wars is a great game. However, it’s not the perfect game. It does have its weaknesses. Animation comes to mind speaking on the subject. Everybody knows that while last year’s Turok: Seeds of Evil boasted excellent graphics, the frame rate was very noticeably choppy. This year Rage Wars did a little better in that department, but still the smoothness of gameplay just isn’t quite where it should be.

It’s funny how the first installment of the Turok series was incredibly smooth while its successors seem to regress in that area. Some might say that graphic enhancements are responsible for weakening the flow of animation. Even still I think that looks aren’t everything. Sound effects and gameplay are just as vital a part in a great game title.

With all that said, Turok: Rage Wars is a must buy for anyone who follows the Turok series. You’ll have no problem picking up the controls as everything will feel familiar to the vets. Even if you’re playing for the first time, with just a little practice you can hone your skills with little difficulty.

Rage Wars is everything you need to satisfy your trigger-happiness and blood hungry thirsts. I give this game 4 GIN Gems. So move out and get it!

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