Burnout is One Wild Ride

I don’t know about State side, but on UK shores Burnout was supported by a massive marketing campaign and fortunately for you, I’m here to see if it lives up to the hype. Heralded as the driving game to rival all driving games, Burnout promised to bring us state-of-the-art physics and simply the best crashes in the world ever, infinity, turn around, touch the ground" Er"anyway, Burnout allows the player to race along highways and through city streets. And here’s the best part, you get to race through traffic. As you can imagine this leads to high crash potential. There … Continue reading Burnout is One Wild Ride

Turok: Rage Wars is classic shooter action

All right soldiers weapons check! Fall in line! Shotgun! Check. Freeze Gun! Check. Assault Rifle! Check. Crossbow!. Check. Scorpion! Check. Boomerang! Check. War Hammer! Check. Napalm Gel! Check. Inflator! Check. Emaciator! Check. Chestburster! Check. All right maggots, let’s lock and load and move it out! We got fritters that need fryin! Turok:Rage Wars, the newest member of the Turok family is clearly the most violent, relentless and unforgiving title of the series. Plain and simple its kill or be killed. Eliminate all resistance. This game ain’t for pansies. Only the strong survive. With the influence of the expansion pak, graphics … Continue reading Turok: Rage Wars is classic shooter action

WWF Attitude is a wrestling fans dream

WWF Attitude, simply put, lays the smackdown on all other roody-poo candy-ass wrestling games out on the market. The other pretender wrestling games, have no chance in hell in standing up to this game, and that’s the bottom line because Ken Urben said so and I’m one bad Mamma Jamma. If you understood all of the WWF wrestling references in the preceding paragraph, you’ll absolutely adore WWF Attitude. If you were left scratching your head in bewilderment, you’ll find yourself with an average game that you should think twice about buying. I’ll admit right off the bat something that my … Continue reading WWF Attitude is a wrestling fans dream

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil uses N64 memory expansion to fullest

Acclaim’s Iguana team has pulled off yet another great blood-chilling, action-packed, first-person shooter as the sequel to last year’s highly praised Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. This one will leave you nothing less than impressed. Turok 2 is the first of many games designed to work with Nintendo’s new 4 megabyte expansion pak, a hardware add-on used to enhance graphics, sound and gameplay of titles designed for its use. This new expansion pack takes Turok 2 to a higher plateau of gaming as it increases resolution, enables smoother animation, heightens artificial intelligence and tweaks the sound of the game. Though Turok 2 … Continue reading Turok 2: Seeds of Evil uses N64 memory expansion to fullest

WWF Warzone is a kick in the pants for other wrestling games

As I am writing this review, I am currently watching an ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) pay-per-view, and with watching this, I can see how professional wrestling has become more hardcore, more aggressive, and best of all, more entertaining. Likewise, wrestling video games have been definitely getting better over the course of the last few years. I still remember playing the original Pro Wrestling on my Nintendo Entertainment System, and remembered how enjoyable it was. Unfortunately, with the later pro wrestling releases, they have averaged from pretty good (as in WCW vs. nWo: World Tour) to average (WWF Wrestlemania) to just … Continue reading WWF Warzone is a kick in the pants for other wrestling games

NHL Breakaway ’98 scores for Nintendo 64 gamers

Now that the Winter Olympic games in Nagano, Japan are finally over, the NHL can resume again. That means that we will be hearing more and more about how great Dominic Hasek is, just because he led his Czech Republic team to Olympic gold. So far this season, we have seen the king of hockey simulators, EA Sports’ NHL 98, shine on the PC and on the PlayStation. Up until now, the Nintendo 64 had to make due with the sub-par Gretzky trilogy (Gretzky 3D, Gretzky 3D ’98, and Nagano Hockey 98), which basically is just the same game in … Continue reading NHL Breakaway ’98 scores for Nintendo 64 gamers