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Slender Man Origins Is Epic Small Screen Horror

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One of my favorite video game genres has always been survival horror. It’s a way of playing the main character of a horror story without being an actor. Slender Man Origins for iOS by BIGZUR is one of the best survival horror games for a mobile device.

Slender Man Origins takes place in the 1700’s. You play as the main character. You are at home with your son playing hide and seek when someone knocks on the door. When you answer the door, an old neighbor tells you that local children went into the forest and never returned.

The main character’s objective is to find seven missing children while staying clear of the terrifying SlenderMan. There are four different levels to search through in the hunt for the lost children. Scour your way through a forest, search corner to corner in a stone walled castle, hunt through a village, and look through multiple areas in a graveyard. Each creepy environment has its own obstacles and challenges.

I think I found one of the missing kids! Hey kid, are you missing?
I think I found one of the missing kids! Hey kid, are you missing?

While trying to find these children, you have the unlucky chance of crossing paths with the monstrous Slender Man, but don’t stare at him too long or the game is over. To get away from the horror you have to turn away from his gripping gaze and run for dear life. Make sure you are cautious while exploring for the children because Slender Man could pop up at any moment out of nowhere.

During gameplay the longer it takes to find the lost children, the more inexplicable things start to occur. Bad things include items being tossed into the air and fences popping into your path, along with other paranormal activities.

Nothing scary here. Just keep looking forward.
Nothing scary here. Just keep looking forward.

The controls are easy to use. Sipe the screen left or right to look around. Tap an area on the screen for movement and you can also change the control scheme in the options menu if you want a classic joystick to use for movement.

Using headphones with the game makes it even better, the sound effects sound like they are close by that way for a fully immersive experience. If you like being creeped out then using headphones is a must to play the game. As a first person survival horror game, the sound effects and slow, low-pitched music make the creep factor high.

Slender Man Origins is a great mobile survival horror game. This game has it all from sound, music and visual effects to that hard to define creep factor. Slender Man pulls it off flawlessly, a possible first for a mobile game. Slender Man Origins gets a solid 5 GiN Gems.

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