Real Turtle Power

Save the Turtles
Reviewed On
Nintendo DS
Available For
Nintendo Ware Network

Sabarasa bring us a refreshing new puzzle game with an objective that is very animal friendly. Save the Turtles is a downloadable game on Nintendo’s DSi Ware network and very reasonably priced at $5.00 (500 Nintendo points).

Your objective is to help the baby turtles reach the waters of the sea safely. A sand-covered beach appears with indication markers as to where the turtle eggs are buried. Your stylus is the tool needed to dig up the eggs and by tapping them you will help crack and hatch the turtles at a quicker rate. Line up turtles of the same variety in rows of 3+ so a wave of ocean water can lap onto the shore and safely pull them into the sea. You will line up your turtles, by variety, while dodging crabs, going around obstacles, and avoiding man made environmental hazards like nasty oils spills and garbage.

You have to think fast and work quickly because the baby turtles do not fare well in the scorching sun for long, but splashing a bit of cool ocean water on them will temporarily cool them off and give you more time to get them all lined up.

There is plenty of content for one to enjoy with the multiple game play modes. Save the world offers 32 levels, quick play gets you right into the fun. Tidal wave brings a new way to save the little guys, and Turtles Forever which is where you can rack up those high scores.

All of these together will allow you to play for hours on end. This is one game that has strong replay value for a small price, which is very nice in this economy!

I found the graphics very nicely rendered for the platform. The audio was a bit ordinary. I’m always thankful of a game that has the option to turn the music down.

All in all, this is a puzzle game with a good environmental message to kids. There are currently seven species of sea turtles and sadly all of them are on the endangered species list. This game is one way to open up a discussion with your children, and also for you to discover more about these beautiful turtles and what we can do to help keep them alive.

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