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Puzzle games are a great genre because they keep your mind engaged and open to endless possibilities when completing a task. There are multiple puzzle games available online like Tetris, Sudoku, maze games and of course the match three and tower defense kinds.

In Caveboy Escape, we find something well within the maze subgenre of puzzle games. The player has to navigate through three separate mazes made up of different tiles grouped randomly in each level. Then Caveboy has to move three of the same tiles until the player reaches the exit. Once all three mazes are complete, the level is complete. If you reach a dead end, you are able to backtrack and try again. Once you complete the mazes you are given stars, which allow you to choose other missions.

Players gets five elixirs to start out with. Elixirs help the player find the correct path if you become stuck in the maze. You are able to purchase extra elixirs from the App Store.

The game has varying degrees of difficultly when figuring out the maze. Some of the mazes are easy to maneuver, while others are difficult and require back tracking, patience, and a keen eye.

Caveboy Escape has a top down view that lets the player see the whole maze area. The game is basic and easy to get the hang of. All the player has to do is tap on Caveboy and swipe him across the tiles.

The game also has Game Center access, which consists of leaderboard and achievements. Multiple achievements can be collected throughout the game depending on how many stars are collected and how many elixirs are used.

As fun as Caveboy Escape is, the game does get a little repetitive at times, maze after maze. It would be nice to change things up every so often, maybe having the tiles rotate every two seconds while figuring out the path.

If you like maze style puzzle games that keep you engaged, then Caveboy Escape is the game for you. With multiple levels and countless gameplay Caveboy Escape for the iOS earns 4 out of 5 GiN Gems.

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