Perfect Puzzling with the Roto Brain Toy

Roto Brain

Creative Brainworks has come out with a combination code puzzle that is sure to have your brain rotating as you try to figure it out. The colorful, squat, barrel-shaped puzzle has three levels of difficulty and if you manage to conquer all that, you can even set your own codes to challenge friends and family.

The size of a softball, the Roto Brain seems fairly straightforward and simple. Rotate the three levels to match up the colors to open the puzzle. It kind of reminds me of the combination lock I used in high school and then later at my gym. Only it has three stacked dials instead of one.

The box says it’s for ages eight and up. How hard could it be? It could be hard, fiendishly hard, that’s how hard it can be. Level one, not so bad, moving up, was really hard to wrap my head around. Granted, I’m not the best at this kind of puzzle, but wow, that age range really hurt my ego.

Naturally, there is an instruction booklet to help you get started and even some number stickers to help you sort out where you are, but this is a challenge in all the best ways.

As you rotate the rings, a correct move results in a satisfying click. As you solve a level, a little plug pops up in a very gratifying way. When you finally solve all the levels, you can take the puzzle apart and see that each ring is composed of three gears, and manipulating those gears is what allows you to reset the puzzle or make your own codes.

The puzzle is well constructed so you don’t feel like you’re going to break it when you take it apart. Because it’s so sturdy, it can easily be thrown in the car to keep the kids occupied in the back seat or for parents to solve while they’re waiting in the after school pick up line or anywhere else.

Is this the most difficult puzzle ever made? No. Is it a fun challenge for people who enjoy these kinds of 3D puzzles? Absolutely. If you enjoy these kinds of handheld puzzles, you are definitely going to want this one in your collection. If you have a child who likes this kind of puzzle, it should definitely be on the Christmas or birthday lists. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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