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Attention : This game may cause you and your loved one to argue excessively.

Once this game is installed and you begin playing you may never stop. Be prepared to hear "You gonna go play that game again?" Just shake your head yes and make tracks to the Mac.

I’m really impressed with this game because of the tutorial. It shows all the basics to get started kicking deamon ass. It teaches about moving around, healing your injured men, and attack strategies.

Now before you get ready to jump in and start playing I have to give my Mac sermon about Hardware Demands. Let me say two words: PowerPC only. For those few who haven’t upgraded from 68K Mac you’re out of luck. You will NEED 16 megs of RAM to get this game running. 32 MB is recommended. And finally fellow Mac followers, if you want to play Myth on you will need a modem that is 28.8 or higher.

If you love cartoons I urge you to watch the story line that unfolds when you start the game. It sort of reminds me of "Dragon’s Lair" except this cartoon is cool. It makes you want to play. I was so involved in what was happening in the story, that I didn’t even hear my wife packing up her things.

Anyway, as I entered the world of Myth I found the graphics to be incredible. I couldn’t believe how much the game came to life. Bungie really spent time on the detail of the battlefields, trees, leaves, bridges, and weather conditions. The best part for me was the spectacular deaths. Heads and limbs were flying everywhere! My journeymen really went to town with his shovel.

Let me tell you that there is lots and lots of bloodshed in this game. The army of troops in your command include archers, foot soldiers, berserkers and dwarves that throw hand grenades and set explosives.

But this game isn’t just about killing, but about strategy. You have to lead an out numbered, last ditch campaign against evil. The levels you advance to are all very challenging. You’ll find yourself fighting a simple skirmish on one level, and on the next your getting ambushed by 75 undead warriors. On one level you even get to call in some dwarven paratroopers.

When I showed the game to my PC reviewers, they were all very impressed with how good the game was, something they had been playing on the PC for sometime.

Commanding your troops in Myth is made quite simple. You can select a single troop or a group of them using your mouse. Then click on the undead you want to destroy.

This is what I like, click and kill.

You just have to watch yourself. I have thought that I clicked on an entire group of soldiers and I come to find out that I missed one and am now holding the platoon up. While I went back to retrieve him, my troops that were standing still got attacked and I lost three men. So keep an eye on your green outlined grid in the right hand corner of the screen. If you see red dots approaching, get ready to fight.

This game also has some great music and sound effects. I really enjoyed the sound of the swords slicing into the undead and the screams of the injured soldiers. But the best part is the Dwarves. When they screw up and blow up five of your own men you can hear them say "Oops." This so called apology made it so I didn’t turn on the Dwarf and kill him.

Well, I see that my wife is trying to escape with my son so I gotta wrap this up quick. Myth and Myth II are truly excellent real-time strategy games. You get great graphics, bloodshed, the undead and you play with other players on No silly resource management, just pure strategy and fast action.

What more could you ask for, except and understanding wife or girlfriend who will let you play Myth all weekend. Take care!

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