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Traxxpad Turns PSP Into Your Studio

Traxxpad: Portable Studio is quite simply the end all to end all of music simulators out there on the console market. From creating beats to making samples, assembling sequences into songs and even remixing in real time, Definitive Studio’s newest music application is nearly all that an upcoming and aspiring artist might need to tap into his or her own true musical prowess.

Traxxpad takes the PSP and transforms it into a powerful piece of professional music studio equipment. It utilizes four in-depth music making modules to assist song writers with composing all sorts of new musical material. Whether you’re serious about a career in music or you simply just have an insatiable music fetish you’ve been meaning to find a decent fix for a good while now, Traxxpad brings so much content to the table that it would quite literally be impossible to not get your groove on.

The game delivers an expansive sound library which harbors over 1,000 sounds ranging from drum samples to exotic instruments, various sound effects and much more giving users nearly everything they need at their fingertips in order to create new and original beats. With a sound base this big you can really put together some serious sequences if you’re even remotely musically inclined.

While most might easily take advantage of such an extensive library of built-in samples to lay the foundation for their newest hit, original artists can choose to take advantage of the games "R-TIST" feature A.K.A Real Time Interactive Sequencing Technology to create new and original beats. R-TIST allows users to plug in sounds in real time with the simple press of a button or even place individual notes into sequence by hand.

Once the initial sample has been put together you can critique it if you so see fit by adjusting the pitch, volume, or even balancing single notes in a channel via the "MeLOD" channel editor which allows you to systematically breakdown and make changes to any part of your sample to help give it more fluency.

Once you’re satisfied with your sample(s) you can begin to assemble your work created in R-TIST into a sequence to create a new song. This can be done using the "STAC" or Studio-Through-a-Console module which works very similar to a powerful PC application taking samples, mixing them down and exporting them.

Moreover, if you want to do something special with your samples you can utilize the "MXxyer" mod which allows you to take your individual tracks or sequences and trigger them to play at the press of a button. By turning the feature on and off you can remix your creations on the fly to help add serious flavor to your tracks.

Despite having such an in-depth music making engine in the palm of your hand, what’s really to love about Traxxpad is its "Sampler" feature which when paired with a PSP microphone allows artists to sample any music or sounds around the home or out on the go and then incorporate them into their songs helping to make musical possibilities nearly limitless.

This sole feature is what truly sets Portable Studio away from former titles of this genre and puts it in a class all by itself.

Once your hit is complete you can easily export your music to a .wav or .mp3 file and burn it to disc to play in your car or CD player or even use it to create your very own custom ring tone for your personal phone. You can even share or trade tracks and sequences with your friends via Adhoc or transfer them with the memory stick to help further showcase your musical talents.

The bottom line is that Traxxpad: Portable Studio is truly the most powerful, portable, and accessible music studio in your pocket period. Geared with a massive sound library, four in-depth music making modes which allow you to manifest your musical inspirations in nearly anyway you so see fit plus an added sampler feature allowing to you to sample any beat or sound anywhere anytime, the application speaks for itself in more ways than one.

Racking up four solid GiN gems, Traxxpad: Portable Studio is one of the best music editors I’ve had the privilege to play.

I’d recommend this one to any serious aspiring musical artists out there, or even anyone who has a real appreciation for the music world underground.

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