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I don’t think there’s a kid in all America who didn’t grow up on Legos. And if there just so happens to be someone out there who never played with Legos when they were coming up, just what planet are you from anyway? I mean Lego’s were the only thing that could occupy my full ten-minute attention span when I was a kid.

Heck, Lego’s taught me to be a more responsible kindergartner…well maybe, that’s pushing it. Though there was a master builder at E3 whose job was, get this, to build really cool robots from Legos, my expertise is confined to just the space and castle sets. Anywhow, the bottom line is that Legos are a lot of fun so I thought it’d be cool to try out Lego Media’s wacky new racer, "Lego Stunt Rally." And just as my childhood instincts guessed it, it really is a lot of fun!

Lego Stunt Rally is set on an island comprising of four worlds: Ice World, City World, Jungle World and Desert World, each with their own unique characteristics, obstacles, and boss racers. The object of the game is to select and customize your own Lego stunt racer.

You’ll have the chance to choose from the 4×4 "Mud Monster" or "Ice Monster," the speedy "Boost Buggy," the nifty little "Rocket Kart," the swift "F1 Speedster" or the classic "Dragster." Then burn rubber around the wacky track circuits, defeating the competition, and winning a chance to race against the reigning champions of each world to see who really is the king of Lego racing.

To be the best you’ll have to skid past igloos without crashing through the ice, burn around pyramids avoiding sand traps, dodge rumbling volcanoes and vines and weave your way through grimy city streets.

Once you’ve completed all the worlds and defeated all the bosses, the fun still isn’t over. Then you can design and create your own wacky tracks for you and your friends to race on. Load your custom courses up with dare devil hoops, dangerous ramps, fan-assisted jumps, and other crazy traps and obstacles. With just a little creativity you can make set yourself up for some serious fun and mayhem. Your friends will call you the "Greatest Stunt Track Designer" ever! Even the bullies will praise you on the playground!

Playing Lego Stunt Rally is most definitely a lot of fun for kids of all ages, and even grown-ups may get a good kick out of this one. I give this game 4 out of 5 GIN gems because it’s clearly strong enough for adults, but made for kids.

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