Jumping To New Heights With Klaus

Hello everyone, after that last disappoint that I played called Tachyon Project, I played this little gem! It’s Klaus!

Plot Synopsis: A man in a business suit wakes up in a building basement with absolutely no memory at all and only the words Klaus written on his arm.

Plot: I won’t spoil anything about the plot, but I’ll say that it was very, very clever and well done. I wasn’t expecting much from an Indie game, especially after playing that piece of crap called Tachyon Project, so Klaus was a very welcome surprise.

So, come on Klaus, you need to do what I say. That's how games work, you know?
So, come on Klaus, you need to do what I say. That’s how games work, you know?

Characters: There are a couple main characters, Klaus and You. Yes “You” as in the player. Klaus constantly talks to you throughout the game and it’s wonderful! He’s snarky and funny and is a joy to play with. I really did enjoy the character of Klaus and how he interacts with the player in such a personal way that it makes me wish that Mario games played similarly.

Gameplay: A classic 2D Platformer brought into the current generation of consoles with amazing controls and clever puzzles to solve. I loved this game’s use of respawn mechanics, making it a painless and very quick process that you will be using often and frequently. I imagine that this is going to be one of those games that will speed run during AGDQ in the future and will get tons of viewers.

Yes, Klaus. You are the star of this game.
Yes, Klaus. You are the star of this game.

Klaus was a joy to play and I keep thinking about it even after having finished playing it. That being said I don’t like being rushed and the levels where you died if the screen moved on without you were my least favorite of them all.

Art: The art is great. It’s beautiful in a simple way that makes me remember playing various platformers on handhelds in my childhood.

Music: Perfect, it suits the game perfectly, and the only sounds we get out of Klaus himself is onomatopoeic which is perfect for this game.

Overall: An amazing piece of work that is sure to become a classic, a must play for those of all ages.

For those who like: Brainy Games, Clever Plots, Platformers, Excellent Gameplay, Fantastic Puzzles, Stupendous Characters, Amazing Musical Scores, Great Artwork.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.KLAUSthree

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