Hasbro Turns Up the Heat

I normally only moderately enjoy racing games, BUT this game is outstanding. I usually play these games the proper way the creator had intended them to be played, and then I usually go a little crazy. You should see me on the off road games out blazing new trails!

Although still in the early stages, I tried everything available on this Beta CD. I raced against the traffic, I deliberately rolled my car, I did donuts in the pit, on the track, and even in the grass. I used a stick game control, but you don’t have to.

The graphics are arcade style. The pit crew looks like an animated pit crew, but other than that the detail is outstanding. When you make a pit stop, the crew performs just like on TV. They refuel, change tires, and do it all on the clock.

And let’s not forget, this is NASCAR. Hasbro has been trying to land a game within this franchise ever since a lot of their competition did the same thing. I think that doing so will ensure Hasbro continues to play with the other big boys in this market. If they keep it up, they may be the market.

Again, aside from the people, everything else is much more realistic. Ten real racetracks have been reproduced for your racing pleasure. And while you are driving, the clouds change as you race, and the skid marks stay where you put them.

You can change the realism levels to match differing skill levels. You can race at normal or expert level. You can adjust the abilities of your opponents and the sensitivity of the controls of your car. All this versatility ensures that the player will not get bored.

When this game hits the streets it should be a HUGE hit with racing fans everywhere. This Beta didn’t have the multiplayer option up and running yet, but that can only add to the fun.

Scheduled to be out this fall (really soon) for windows 95/98 based PCs and for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 due out early 2001, this one is going to kick other racing sim’s butts. The web site is www.hasbrointeractive.com if you want to learn more about this impressive title.

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