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Welcome to the newest GiN Feature: reviews of cell phone games. These mostly mini-reviews well go into detail about many of the top titles you can play on your cell phones. So you will now know if it is worth downloading them paying to play.

The first title we will be looking at is called Feeding Frenzy. Anyone who remembers Shark! Shark! on the Intellivision will feel at home with this one and its beautiful (for a cell phone) graphics.

In Feeding Frenzy your objective is to dodge and devour your way to the top of the food chain to be king of the sea! Face-off against deadly predators while munching through beautiful underwater worlds. You begin as an Angel fish, and then once you have consumed enough smaller fish you move up to being an Angler, and then a Lion fish, and finally an Orca killer whale.

To aid your rise to the top of the food chain you will encounter power up bubbles like the fury fish bubble which sends you into a feeding frenzy and star fish bubble which earns you extra points. And don’t forget to skim the bottom looking for pearls as they give you extra points as well, but mind the oysters as sometime they snap closed and kill you. Other dangers to avoid are the deadly barracuda, the great white shark and floating sea mines. Who put all these mines down here anyway? Is this a WWII themed game?

I found feeding frenzy to be a fun and distracting game with wonderful background images that made it hard to believe I was only playing on a cell phone. The game has 16 levels with 4 different background worlds. You control your fish or whale if you make it that far using the directional pad on the phone. The game is very easy to learn, yet takes a good bit of practice to master. (like any great title)

To really test the game in the right environment, I took Feeding Frenzy, and several other games from the real arcade network down into the subway and tested it on my commute. I mentally set a station several stops away and if I was enjoying the game and missed the stop I was looking for I took that as a good sign. I don’t really want to admit to how many stops I missed with this game, but I blame the time attack bonus level for several of them. Let’s just say it was a bunch and leave it at that.

Feeding Frenzy is definitely worth your time!


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