GamePaks Put Fun in the Bag

I travel a lot. Every other week I head back home for a few days, and most of the time I take my Xbox with me. As a result I need to use something to carry my Box around. Originally I used a gym bag to carry it around in addition to my PS2 and at times my Gamecube. Packing three systems in one gym bag, not including software, controllers, DVD remotes, power and video cables, and whatever else I can think of can be a total pain.

Lately companies are coming out with dedicated carrying cases that are designed so that systems can be played while still in the case. Naki first came out with their G-Pak lineup (originally called X-Pak for their Xbox case). While it was a very effective and high quality case, carrying it over my shoulder was tough because I had to also carry my gym bag with the other systems.

What LASR Accessories has done with their new GamePak lineup (not to be confused with the former name of Nintendo’s cart software) has helped make it easier for me to carry my Xbox around: they made it into the form of a backpack. While the Xbox bag was sent in for review, there are also PS2 bags (which I would love to test out) and GameCube ones as well.

Despite being only slightly larger than a typical JanSport backpack, LASR’s pack is still able to fit one Xbox console in the main compartment, with a small packet above large enough to fit two controllers (which I was able to test out successfully with the Controller S) as well as two small packets for memory cards, another packet to hold game manuals, plus eight slip packets designed to hold either Xbox DVDs or any other disc of the same size.

My only complaint is that I like to keep my DVDs in their cases, so I will still carry them around that way. I can understand that adding this to the case would make it more cumbersome.

Three external pockets are used to provide adequate ventilation, but are also useful for carrying cell phones, PDAs, keys, whatever you wish to add. There is also a large pocket in the front with an attached smaller mesh pocket. LASR added a lot of storage for such an impressive package.

As for testing the Xbox out while in the case, it passed with flying colors. The Xbox vents were not covered at all (but the two side external pockets will need to be opened to provide full ventilation). The case did not obstruct at all when I used my controllers or when inserting or removing a DVD.

But the best part of the GamePak in comparison to the G-Pak is the fact is also makes a damn good multi-purpose backpack. I used it at E3 to carry everything I needed: my cell phone, business cards, press kits, laptop, and whatever free junk I could gather. Everything fit nice and tight without any problem.

Overall, LASR has come up with a high quality product: a superior, well designed carrying case which can easily double function as a multi purpose backpack. It was so good that I ended up selling my G-Pak on eBay one week after LASR sent me this gift from heaven. It completely bags the competition and earns a perfect 5 GiN Gems.

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