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Zombie games have always made video games fun and entertaining. Whether it be shooting at zombies or playing as a zombie, these games find a place in every gamers collection.

In the game Deadlings for iOS, the player controls different zombies, each given randomly at the start of the level. Deadlings is a puzzle game where the player’s choice of zombie will make the level more or less successful. The main goal of the game is to guide one of the zombies to the exit teleport chamber. Each level is different with buzz saws and spikes that have to be jumped over so your zombie does not get killed.

When the level is completed, the player gets a star. If the player completes the level within a certain amount of time, another star is awarded. Multiple brains can be collected in each level. When all the brains available in the level are acquired, the player can obtain another star. Gaining stars gives the player skulls, which are used for different abilities, such as taking away buzz saws, reanimating dead zombies, or gaining more zombies.

Some of the zombies that are available are a regular zombie that can jump, a zombie that runs, a slime zombie that sticks to the ceiling or platforms, and a zombie that can fly with the use of its own gas.

Run little zombie. Watch your back!
Run little zombie. Watch your back!

In Deadlings, each level starts off with choosing which random zombie the player wants to start off with from a chamber. Making the zombies jump, the player just has to tap on the screen, to make the gas zombie fly just press and hold on the screen.

This game is a 2D side-scroller where the zombies are in a set area. With a cartoonish type of graphics the zombies are kind of cute, in a dead way.

The game has in-app purchases for tons of extra fun. One of the purchases is to buy extra skulls so the player can use the tool to get rid of the buzz saws and the re-animator tool. Another purchase is to buy tons of zombies and the player can purchase re-animations so they don’t have to waste skulls.

With tons of zombie games out there, in most of which the players shoots zombies, it’s refreshing to play as a zombie. This game is a fun puzzler. Deadlings for iOS earns a 4.5 GiN Gems for, you know, using its brains.

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