Building Your own Titan

Titanfall: Ultimate
Angel City Campaign

K’NEX has out done themselves with the Titanfall – Ultimate Angel City Campaign. If you were a fan of the Titanfall game, then you should check out the amazing building sets based on the game. There are several sets for Titanfall, but the one we put together was Ultimate Angel City Campaign. I say we, because my nephew and my husband and I all worked together to get this done.

Not for the casual builder, this monster has 1,200 pieces in a range of sizes to put together this gigantic Titanfall themed building set. Although the box says for ages 8 and up, unless your eight-year-old is a future engineer, they will be frustrated by the time and concentration it takes to put this set together. The set is super cool, but it’s a commitment to get the whole thing done. Expect to help most children who undertake this task.

Think you are a master builder? Then try your hand at this huge Titan from the K'NEX Angel City Campaign.
Think you are a master builder? Then try your hand at this huge Titan from the K’NEX Angel City Campaign.

The set is comprised of three main components that can be built separately if you want to do this as a family project or as a rainy day project among friends. There are two Titan exo-suits to build with tiny little commandos to pilot them, and then there is a command center type area. The command center is complicated and fun to build, but the real joy here is in putting together the mighty Titans.

While I really enjoyed the process of putting together the building set, I do wish they were a bit sturdier when complete. For example, the Titans are undeniably cool, but a bit fragile and not well balanced. If left on display, they need to be somewhere secure, because they topple and come apart easily. It’s easy enough to put them back together. The K’NEX pieces are individually quite sturdy, but the finished project is more delicate than I’d like it to be. After all, when you put together something of this magnitude, you want to show it off. Part of showing something like this off, is the desire to pick it up and play with it, but that’s not really feasible in this case. The Titans are ironically too fragile. The command center is much sturdier than the Titans and would be a fun play set for action figures of any kind especially the ones that come with all the Titanfall building sets.

If you are new to building sets, I wouldn’t recommend starting with this one. It’s complicated and the instructions are daunting. They are done in pictures only and color coded, but it can be difficult telling some of the similarly colored pieces apart when they are a similar shape as well. Because there are so many steps, the pictures are also smaller than in other K’NEX sets that I’ve put together. It’s not a problem if you’re familiar with how K’NEX designs their instructions and building sets, but you wouldn’t want to start with this one. The smaller sets with fewer pieces are a good way to learn the pieces and the instructional system.

All in all, I enjoyed putting the Ultimate Angel City Campaign together, but it’s not for the faint of heart. If you are bold enough to undertake it, give yourself plenty of time and enlist other builders to help you. It’s most fun as a group undertaking.


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