Video Game Tuesday: The Dark Below Possible Improvements

Michael Blaker
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This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m back to talking about Destiny and what can be improved in the future expansion House of Wolves.

Before that I’m going to tackle some common complaints I’ve read or heard about the expansion: First if you are on the Xbox platforms you chose to play on those systems (especially on the Xbox One), if you aren’t happy with the fact that the PlayStations get extra content that is your own damn fault. We have known for much longer than the current-gen systems have been out that PlayStations will be getting extra content on their system and if you bought an Xbox One in spite of that you spent an extra hundred dollars on a system that you knew wasn’t going to get it. [Side note: Yes I know that it now costs the same, but at launch it costed an extra hundred dollars] People complain about console exclusive stuff all the time, well deal with it. It’s probably never going to go away. Also I had almost no friends on my PSN account prior to Destiny’s Launch. I’ve got 55 now, and regularly play with about 15 of them. It’s not hard to make new friends, even if you are severely introverted like myself.

Secondly if you complain about the fact that certain things are locked behind the expansion, such as Weekly Strikes or items, that isn’t our fault you chose not to buy the new content. In any other MMO it is standard practice to lock all new content behind the expansion. If you don’t buy it, you don’t get any benefits (like that extra 5 bounty spaces or new gear from the Vanguard or Crucible Mentor all Destiny players got for free). That is nothing new and while they may open up certain things in the future, it doesn’t matter at time of launch. The fact that you don’t like it means nothing, it’s a business model that’s been very successful for other companies, and those that do it differently don’t tend to see the same percentage¬†of profit.


Anyways things that I think can be improved on for the future expansions are mainly quality of life changes and bug fixes.

Squashing Bugs: Certain bugs need to be removed from the game as soon as possible, I’m looking at you full inventory ammo synth bug and heavy ammo dropping upon death bugs! These need to be done as soon as possible because as of right now with the current economic system of pricey glimmer costs for just about everything bugs such as the ones I just mentioned are penalties that the player base doesn’t need in addition to all the rest of the farming we have to do. I don’t want to have to spend every other day farming for glimmer for an hour to be able to buy more heavy ammo synth for raiding.

Improving Player’s Lives: Give us lots and lots more vault space, also increase the size of our inventories from 15 to about 50. In addition to this we need to be able to have at least one (Please do more¬†though Bungie!) hot key button that we can assign to any item from our inventories. I hate going through my character menus in the middle of fighting Crota to refill my heavy ammo synthesis. One last thing that really needs to be in the House of Wolves is the ability to travel straight to the tower from anywhere in game. I hate going through so many extra screens just to get to my vault. That and allow us to use our mobile app to retrieve items from alternate characters and the vault directly to the character we are playing. These would be very nice and would cut down on trips to the tower for me personally by about 40%.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday. Leave your comments below on what you think should be implemented.

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