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This is it. The climax of the entire game is about to happen. The final revelation in the story is about to be given. He delivers the line and" what did he just say? There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than not being able to hear what is happening in a game. Unfortunately, it can happen all too easily. The dog is barking, a sibling or child is screaming, the phone rings, the list goes on seemingly forever. Fortunately, Able Planet has come up with a pair of noise-canceling headphones to solve the dilemma and ensure that you won’t miss another line again.

Able Planet’s headphones provide two forms of noise-canceling, active and passive. With active noise-canceling on, the headphones create a low buzz that blocks out almost all noise. This works very well, but the fact that they create a low buzz can get slightly annoying. The headphones also require batteries for this feature to be enabled. On the other hand, passive noise-canceling does not require batteries and works to almost the same effect as active noise-canceling without the buzzing.

Aside the buzzing, there are some features that allow the uses of the headphones to be used in a variety of ways. One of these features is the fact that they have a detachable cord. While you can use them to listen to music or play games, you can also use them to tune out the world around you and relax. Tuning out noise can make reading or getting work done possible in the loudest of environments, such as on the bus.

Able Planet’s headphones also come with a variety of handy features, including a splitter to allow two pairs of headphones to go into one headphone jack. They headphones also come with a convenient carrying case which allows for safe, easy storage.

Along with the easy storage, the LoSt CaUsE gaming headphones also have some other features that make the headphones a nice value. One of them is the fact that the headphones are very comfortable. They can also be adjusted to fit almost anyone.

There is one key problem that the headphones have: The cord is too short to work with a television. If you plan on playing console games with this pair of headphones, you will not be able to as they come. There may be an adapter that can be purchased to extend range at which the headphones can operate, but this is not something that comes with them and must be purchased separately.

Overall, LoSt CaUsE gaming headphones are a great value for PC gamers and people who want to listen to their music with perfect clarity. Console gamers, however, are going to have to look elsewhere for a quality pair of headphones. Able Planet’s LoSt CaUsE headphones get 4 GiN Gems out of 5 for combining excellent sound quality with a comfortable design.

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