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Monster Tale
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Take control of Ellie as she wanders out of her bed into the dark streets to hunt down a noise. Instead, she finds a bracelet that transports her to a strange world where she finds an egg containing Chomp, a very hungry creature that will aid her in a whimsical adventure. Ellie must fight with her newfound friend to take down the other bratty kids who have used their bracelets for evil. If you are a fan of Metroid or always wanted to see a more anime version of Castlevania, then this could be your game.

As previously mentioned this game is very Castlevania like but in more of an anime style. Ellie and Chomp navigate through their world acquiring new abilities and key items along the way, and the player is able to revisit any part of the map and can visit places that were previously not open to the players.

The largest part of the game is the exploration and this can be an amazing for those curious players but don’t get too excited because the gameplay is not built to for those "free range" players and your adventures are somewhat limited. When you do find new areas they are very unique and there are plenty of hidden items throughout the quite simple world. A key thing for players to know is that there will be a lot of time spent running around and it could become very repetitive.

One of the most important aspect of the game is the monster leveling. The player must turn his cute little creature into the legendary monster the prophecy speaks of. Chomp can be shifted between the top and bottom of the screen. The top screen is where Chomp can help Ellie fight opponents and when his health drains over time and needs to rest he can be put on the bottom screen so that he can rest and regain health.

Chomp can only fight in the sanctuary if an opponent infiltrates it and engages him. Chomp gains experience and levels throughout the game and become an integral part of the player’s campaign, and with new special attacks he can become a huge asset to Ellie.

The creatures are not much of an issue until you begin to face the other kids later in the game. These boss fights can become a real challenge for the players so it is very important to make sure that Ellie and Chomp are leveled and have better skills and abilities.

Any special skills become very important when you begin these fights and is important because you will need Chomp to be at his best offensively and defensively to defeat them. Veterans of the adventure genre should have no qualms when they get to this point in the game.

This game is relatively entertaining and for those veteran adventure guys is well worth the money that you will spend on the game. There is enough twist and adventures to keep any gamer coming back for more and it’s also a great mix of past greats like Metroid and Castlevania.

I give it 3.5 GiN Gems.

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