Might Meets Magic in The Seascape Tattoo

The Seascape Tattoo
Larry Niven

Hello all I’m back with a real treat for everyone this time for my latest book review! I’m covering The Seascape Tattoo by Larry Niven, which is being released on June 28th of this year.

Plot Synopsis: Aros of Azteca and Neoloth-Pteor are the deadliest of enemies: Swordsman and Sorcerer, locked in mortal combat, who have tried to kill each other more times than either can count. But when the princess Neoloth loves is kidnapped, there is only one plan that offers any hope of rescue, and that requires passing off the barbarian Aros as a lost princeling…

seascapetattooINSIDEPlot: The plot is very gripping, so much so that I read the entire book in a single session of reading in about three hours, which is fairly average for me for a 400-page book. I enjoyed every single minute I spent reading the book from the first page and it was quite a good story. I won’t spoil the plot, but I was very satisfied by the time I closed the cover. I’m going to have to put this book up there with some of my favorite books of all time, easily on par with the best from series like The Dresden Files, Mercy Thompson and The Others. This isn’t quite Brandon Sanderson good, but it’s pretty close and that’s enough for me to be very pleased with this book.

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Characters: Aros and Neoloth are our two main characters and they definitely have a quirky relationship with each other. The rest of the cast, whom I won’t give name to avoid spoiling, is also extremely excellent and I enjoyed the entire cast immensely. The various interactions between the entire cast is wonderful especially Aros and Neoloth’s interactions.

Overall: The Seascape Tattoo is a must buy for any person who enjoys fantasy, at all. This might not be the best book I’ve ever read, even I can’t pick a single book I love the most, but The Seascape Tattoo is up there in the top 100 easily. So definitely pick this up once it goes on sale on June 28th!

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