A Magnum Opus in Oathbringer

Brandon Sanderson

Hey all I’m back with my review the third entry in the bestselling Fantasy Epic by the best author in the West! It’s Oathbringer, Book 03 in the Stormlight Archives, by Brandon Sanderson!

Plot: This entry is the best in the series yet, and possibly the best in the entire Cosmere mega-series. I’m honestly hard pressed about what to say about this book without spoiling the absolutely amazing story Brandon has woven into the pages of Oathbringer. So I’m going to resort to painting the plot in broad strokes. The search for lost truths continues in Oathbringer, with many lingering questions answered, but also many more to replace them.

In Words of Radiance we saw more proof that Stormlight would be a confluence of events with characters from previous Cosmere series in Elantris, Warbreaker and Mistborn popping up. This occurs much more in Oathbringer than in the prior two Stormlight books. This entry left me feeling heartbroken and ecstatic, downtrodden and uplifted, and getting all of these emotions out of me with a single book is no easy task.

I guess what I’m saying is that if you, for some unfathomable reason, needed more proof that Brandon Sanderson makes Tolkien, George R.R. Martin and Terry Brooks look like debut novelists, then Oathbringer should be the final nail in that coffin. Oathbringer is at the pinnacle of fiction and I challenge anyone to give me a book written in the past year by anyone else that can equal this masterwork.

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Characters: I could go on and on about how Sanderson has made a world full of incredibly flawed characters that continue to inspire me. But that sentence does this book enough justice, and I’ve waxed poetic enough.

Overall: If you’re caught up with the Cosmere series then Oathbringer is a must buy, if it doesn’t become an international bestseller I’d be shocked. If you haven’t caught up or even started to read the Cosmere series, you really ought to do so. If only to properly appreciate the masterwork that is Oathbringer.

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