Darkkin Queen Book Takes Series in New Direction

Darkkin Queen
John Conroe

Hey all I’m back with another entry in the Demon Accords. It’s Darkkin Queen, Demon Accords Book 16 by John Conroe, which you can find on the Audible Studios site!

Plot: The plot is quite good, although this is a departure from the usual books in that the Point of View in this book is from Tanya instead of Declan or Chris or in the Third Person like some of the books have been in. That isn’t a bad thing, it’s interesting to get a new point of view from a different central character and is a nice change of pace.

Overall this is most definitely a Demon Accords book, it’s got the humor, action, and drama. I’ve seen other people think this was a bad entry, and while I think that there have been a couple plot holes and inconsistencies from prior books, it’s not too big a deal as they are some minor details, just something someone like me picks up on.

As an example of this, check out what the author says about this one:

Book 16 of the Demon Accords. Tatiana Demidova – natural born vampire, Coven royalty, fighter, CEO, mate of the God Hammer, Fallen Angel… mother. She wears many hats, balances diverse duties, multi-tasks like any other woman, except most of those don’t face demons from Hell, monsters from Fairie, alien invaders, or pissy world leaders. Follow Tanya through a week of her busy life as she works to save the her children, her mate, her friends, stockholders and the very world, in that order.

Characters: We don’t get introduced to any new characters, though seeing the world through Tanya’s eyes is a bit different from Chris or even Declan. So it felt like seeing new sides of favorite characters, though if a reader was paying close attention it’s not inconsistent with prior books.

Overall: An excellent entry in a long running series that is very good and continues to progress the story in a very satisfactory manner.

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