A Heavenly Return to the Bobiverse

Heaven’s River, Book
04 in the Bobiverse
Dennis E. Taylor

Hey all I’m finally back with another Audiobook review after having to take a long break due to multiple technical issues. It’s Heaven’s River, Book 04 in the Bobiverse, by Dennis E. Taylor!

Plot: First off I wasn’t expecting to see another entry in the Bobiverse, but boy am I glad that I was wrong. Heaven’s River picks up pretty shortly after the end of Book 3 and sets out to solve a loose thread that was very much unresolved in the prior books, mainly what happened to Bender, one of Bob’s replicant clones. That is the main story of this entry, but it isn’t the only thing that gets introduced. I won’t expound on that, because it’s super spoilerific, but I really enjoyed getting back into this story’s universe and Heaven’s River did an absolutely fantastic job of doing just that.

This book is being published exclusively by Audible Studios, so check them out if you want to give this worthy title a listen.

Characters: We get quite a few new characters introduced in this entry, and not all of them are Bob replicants. My favorite new character is probably Theresa, but the why of that is so spoilerific that I won’t explain the specifics. Needless to say the main cast we met in prior books is in this entry for the most part. Some like Mario and Goku aren’t really mentioned other than in passing but that’s okay because we get to see more of Bridget, a very intelligent woman who had married Howard, one of Bob’s first clones. Overall my favorite character was Bridget, but the newcomer Theresa was a pretty close second, however the entire cast was great.

Voicework: Ray Porter still voices the series and does a fantastic job as always bringing the Bobiverse to life. I hope to hear more of his voice bringing further stories in the Bobiverse in the future.

Overall: An unexpected but very welcome entry in a series I thought completed, I hope this means we get more in the future, as this story’s universe is incredibly interesting.

For those who like: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Drama, Humor, Plenty of pop culture references, Great Plot, Fantastic Cast of Characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, but you should really give the series a try. It’s very much worth it.

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  1. Already have it! Great book. Awesome series.
    Now how about the next Outland book …please

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