Adventure Park Now Available

What would you do with the power to create the theme park of your dreams? Perhaps you would become the brilliant creator of a rollercoaster kingdom, the architect of inspiring landscapes, or even the tyrannical overlord of high-priced concessions. It’s your park, your rules. Adventure Park, available now for PC on Steam, gives you the power to build and control every facet of your own personal theme park and take a seat to experience it all firsthand. Hire the workers, invest in new rides, shape the landscapes, and above all, keep your customers happy. With a touch of creativity and … Continue reading Adventure Park Now Available

Thunder Wolves Now Available On Steam

Engines check! Weapons systems check! The Thunder Wolves are coming! This arcade-style helicopter-shooter is available immediately on Steam for just $14.99. The versions for the Microsoft Xbox 360 Entertainment System and for Sony PlayStation 3 will be out shortly. Thunder Wolves is the work of the Hungarian development studio, Most Wanted Entertainment. There are missions that are so dangerous and secret that only the best and most daring helicopter pilots are up to the job; the kind of mission that calls for the Thunder Wolves. These daring helicopter pilots are ready for anything, and have the right arsenal for every … Continue reading Thunder Wolves Now Available On Steam

North & South Appears On Mobile Devices

This reinvented cult classic is now available for iPhone and iPod touch. North & South delivers the fun gameplay and the retro feeling of the Amiga classic. The Pocket Edition comes for iPhone (iPhone 3GS or newer version) and iPod touch. With its polished graphics and intuitive controls, NORTH & SOUTH The Game is a must have for every retro gaming fan. North & South The Game (Pocket Edition) is now available on the App Store for the price of $ 2.99. In North & South The Game retro fans can experience the historical fight between the Union and the … Continue reading North & South Appears On Mobile Devices