More Talking About The Dead

All you need is love, though its a bit less effective at the point of a gun.
What, you mean Carver isn’t a kindly old man? Did anyone see this coming?

So we all had theories about what would happen when Clementine was finally moved in with Carver’s group against her will. One of the most interesting one was that Carver would not be the total evil jerk that we suspected, and that The Walking Dead would again pull a switcheroo on us. Sadly for Clementine, that was not the case. While Carver has some good qualities, he’s mostly an egomaniac addicted to his absolute power over his group. It makes for a dangerous situation and a delightful story.


Another thing about Episode 3 is that while there are a few “action sequences,” the game really concentrates on the role-playing aspects this time, letting you wander your new home and prison a bit and chat with different people. We tend to think that these games are cleverer when they allow that type of interaction, and were happy to see it.


See what else Billy, our Walking Dead expert, thinks about this episode right here in the lounge this week.

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