E.T. finally phones home

Was this really the worst game ever made?
Was this really the worst game ever made?

News that the urban legend of Atari burying thousands of Atari 2600 copies of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial has been confirmed. This has led the lounge crew to think back on other terrible games that should have probably been tossed in as well. But fear not, because while we did come up with quite a few bad titles, overwhelmingly, the games we thought about were good.

Do we simply forget the bad games? Was E.T. really that bad of a title, or was it just a case of bad timing? And what’s with Chella’s obsession with Shrek games?

These and other mysteries will be revealed in The GiN Lounge this week.

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2 thoughts on “E.T. finally phones home”

    1. Because if you are a really bad but respected guy and you give it all up, the leadership of a criminal clan because you value personal honor more than money, it shows that you have true character. Its not that he couldn’t be a criminal boss. He chooses the path of peace while capable of being on the path of war. And he takes the concerns of the lowest among them, the orphans, as primary importance. Argh. I’ll never be able to explain this to anyone…

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