Xalavier Nelson

Xalavier Nelson chats about dark skin in videogames

This week, the Xalavier Nelson, the creative mind behind smash hit indie game Hypnospace Outlaw, joins Drew and Chella for a chat about Mortal Kombat XI and the representation of black skin in videogames. This episode was ecorded at Feral Vector, an arty, indie games festival nestled in lush green hills of the Yorkshire countryside, in England, with a special post credit feature.

We look at the history of film and photography, when it comes to lighting dark skins and how that’s been adopted by games. Xalavier and Chella chat about the trouble with character gen, when you want to make a dark-skinned character.

Xalavier is a natural storyteller, so we were very excited to have him on to talk about Texas dust storms, game dev and the wonderful weirdness of Feral Vector.

Check out the special post credits bit if you’re wondering what the heck is Feral Vector and why should we care.


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