Uncharted vs Tomb Raider

Uncharted vs Tomb Raider

In anticipation of Uncharted 4, Chella and Drew tackle the thorny issue of Uncharted vs Tomb Raider. From 90s Lara to her 21st century origin story, they discuss Tomb Raider’s evolution. And then there’s the front-tuck t-shirt king and pretender to Lara’s crown – step forward Mr Drake.

The biggest games in the field of archaeology go head-to-head in this feature length podcast from the Argue the Toss duo. Grab yourself a drink because this one’s epic.

2 thoughts on “Uncharted vs Tomb Raider”

  1. Hello Chella and Drew. I love the new longer format. Great show. Actually one thing I wanted to add was that there were plenty of pretenders to Lara’s crown back in the day. It was almost becoming a Tomb Raider knock off competition along with Command and Conquer copies. Then they all died off and only left Lara standing. Uncharted came well after all that by a decade, but it came at a time when the owners of Tomb Raider had let the franchise slide into near oblivion. Plus being a PS3 exclusive helped to give it an inborn audience. Now Lara is back, but too late to stop Uncharted. I wonder if that is why the new Tomb Raider was an Xbox One exclusive, to make up for Uncharted being a PlayStation only series?

    1. Hi Miles. Thanks for the feedback. We are going to go a bit longer on future episodes, but not this long, unless it’s a meaty topic that we want to go to town on.
      I suspect you’re right regarding Tomb Raider and Xbox One.
      Thanks for listening.

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