Tossers Awards 2016

The Tossers Awards 2016 – Game of the Year Announced

It’s that special time of year. The weather has turned cold and we all head inside to spend time near a roaring fire, above which our stockings hang. The whole house is festooned with tinsel, the door wreathed with holly. And as the days tick by, the children get more and more excited as that special day approaches. The night before, they can barely sleep, and on the big day their eyes open before the sun has even risen, knowing that the great prize will have been delivered. They run downstairs, gather around the PC, and finally get to listen to some end-of-year videogame awards lists with the Tossers Awards 2016.

In an extra-special season finale, this week Chella and Drew host the inaugural yet somehow already prestigious Tossers – the official ATT award ceremony. Each host will present an award each for every category, so there’s double the prizes to be won – or will they find themselves in complete agreement and award an extra-special, double-handed Tosser? Find out, why not?


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