Stephen King’s IT and other things

It’s here. It’s finally arrived. Stephen King’s IT. It’s what everybody’s talking about. It’s what it’s all about. It’s popular with the it crowd. This is It. It’s… is it supposed to be written in capitals? Does that make It easier to parse?

This week the ATTeam have been to see IT, the new movie based on the Stephen King novel and named after the world’s most common English pronoun. Although as it turns out it’s not as easy to get a decent Who’s On First bit out of it as you might think.

In this episode Chella and Drew also manage to fulfil the whole brief, discussing all three of the sanctioned ATTopics: games, films, and stuff. Drew reports back from the procedurally generated world of Heat Signature and Chella’s been visiting some non-places in the surreal interactive art piece, Islands: Non-places. Finally, in Stuff news, Chella talks about her new haunting podcast fix, Alice Isn’t Dead. All that after our analysis of the film we saw last weekend – and that’s It.


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