Iron Fist Netflix

Discussing the Marvel Netflix Mis-step Iron Fist

Marvel have finally rounded out their Defenders line-up with their series about literally everybody’s favourite superhero – Iron Fist. As always, Chella and Drew have dived in and return with deeply researched and well-considered opinions about… well, we only watched the first couple episodes. I mean, come on, have you /seen/ how many amazing games came out this month? We’ve only got so much time! Leave us alone!

Which of the team will be best able to relate to a schlubby, dishevelled twenty-something white dude who is also super excellent at kung fu? Is OutKast’s “So Fresh, So Clean” a really on-the-nose song choice for Danny Rand’s introduction scene? Will Iron Fist be able to defeat his famous arch-nemesis, The Concept Of Explaining Himself Properly? Find out in this very special* Argue The Toss.



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