Black Panther

Black Panther – the best and most important Marvel film ever

Drew and Chella discuss the importance of Black Panther with comic book writer, Corey Brotherson.

This week on Argue the Toss, comics aficionado, writer, and all-round wonderful human being Corey Brotherson makes a record-breaking third guest appearance, beating the previous two-appearance record holder, Corey Brotherson.

He joins Chella and Drew to discuss Marvel’s newest Cinematic Universe entry Black Panther, the first black-led Marvel film (except Blade, if you count that, which we don’t, even though it’s good (it’s definitely brilliant, Chella, I assume you agree and don’t even *think* of editing this bit out if you don’t like it)).

Did they like it? Did it live up to the increased expectations? Was the McDonald’s still open? All these questions and probably some others are answered in the attached audio file, now available for immediate transfer to your ears.


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2 thoughts on “Black Panther – the best and most important Marvel film ever”

  1. This is bull we should act like responsible people for once!!.. Because the general audience doesn”t read comic books that makes them go watch marvel movies.. Lol.. So if people don”t read DC comics..automatically the dceu movies gets seen by a lot of fans?? Nah no You think people don”t have brains or Aren”t smart!? Marvel makes comics as well..and their comics are read by their fans also..especially spiderman comics and others.. The mcu beats the dceu because they started their universe long before the dceu came in trying to catch up The mcu has established their characters too well over the the audience can actually connect with them and understand the movie and not like the dceu which rushed right into a justice league movie..without proper introduction of these specific characters.. Until the dceu learn to take things slow steady ..marvel is just gonna keep wining..take it or live ithate me for all you care..but its the damn truth.

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