Alien Covenant

Alien Covenant reviewed and ranked among Alien films

Alien Covenant reviewed and ranked in a discussion that takes in all the Alien films – only on Argue the Toss.


The ATTeam were on their way to record a podcast about video games this week (honest), but a neutrino surge somehow knocked their ship off course and they picked up a distress signal, and long story short it’s films again. Join Chella and Drew as they explore the uncharted planet of Alien: Covenant, removing the helmets of uncertainty, wantonly kicking the fungus of knowledge, stopping to pee in the woods of enlightenment, and blowing up the shuttle of… cinematography appreciation(?).

This extra-value episode is as packed with content as John Hurt’s chest was packed with Xenomorph, and also contains discussion of Alien 3, Alien: Resurrection and Prometheus – everyone’s three favourite Alien films – at no extra charge.

Where do they rank Alien Covenant and do you agree?

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