Xbox Rocks

Wow!!! Things sure have improved since the last console system I owned, that being the Atari 2600. Seriously now, working for GiN has allowed me to see all the new console systems. And quite honestly I have considered buying each and every one of them. I am not sure what tipped the scale in favor of the Xbox. The excuse I keep using is that I bought it to help improve the economy after September 11. The only system that I do not have any experience with is the new Game Cube. I saw it in the store today and … Continue reading Xbox Rocks

Shenmue meets the Sopranos

Now that I have completely backed out of my support of Sega (sorry Peter, your apology letter didn’t help either!), I had to look elsewhere to find a title to make up for a decent replacement for Shenmue 2. Never did I realize that it was right in front of me all along. When I first got into Grand Theft Auto 3, I was immediately impressed with the complete freedom I had over the entire environment; even more so than I was when I played Shenmue last year. Granted my freedom was slightly limited by the storyline before, but it … Continue reading Shenmue meets the Sopranos

Spy Hunter is an Instant Classic, Again

I love the classics. I love them so much in fact that I find it blasphemous to attempt to update them. And while there are some very impressive remakes available (Tempest 2000 immediately comes to mind) most of the remakes I have played either turned up to be slightly disappointing, or some ended up being so badly altered that it bears nothing to the classic it was based on. Frogger is a good example of the latter. The 1983 Midway classic SpyHunter has been an all time favorite of mine. I can never forget how much money I spent on … Continue reading Spy Hunter is an Instant Classic, Again

EA Footbal 2001 Report Card

This joint review is being written on the night following the first week of the NFL season: a week that has provided plenty of surprises (Minnesota losing to a Chris Weinke-led Carolina Panthers), and the obvious (the Redskins getting their Butt kicked by the Chargers of all teams!) There were also personal highlights, such as my Jags winning and Urben’s Jets losing big, and lowlights as Fox Sports centering their Ravens game solely on Rayenthal "I got away with aiding a murderer" Lewis. These surprises also seem to carry to the PS2 gridiron as well. Last year, when Madden 2001 … Continue reading EA Footbal 2001 Report Card