Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Digital Card Game Gets Huge Update

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (KONAMI) is delighted to announce that a new update, which features tons of new content, is out now for its hit digital card game Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL.

Today’s update features a host of new additions to the game, including:

• The first ever update to the Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL Forbidden & Limited list, which regulates which cards are banned or have limited use in Duels. & Limited list here.
• A new “Refined Blade” and “Fusion Potential” Selection Pack and “Cybernetic Successor” Structure Deck to acquire via the Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL Shop, including “Cyberdark End Dragon”.
• Two new Solo Mode gates for single-player Dueling. The first is based around the “Danger” theme. The second is “Duel Strategy 2” and it features new tutorial-based missions to complete and rewards to unlock.
• 3-month anniversary login bonus for all Duelists – log in now to collect Gems!
• New sales on Gems, available now via the Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL Shop
• Various optimizations to the overall Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL experience and more

In addition, a new online event is coming to Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL soon. Get ready to unleash your best combinations in the Fusion Festival, with special rules and rewards, starting May 12.


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