Xpand Rally Delayed

As Techland announced today, Xpand Rally MP Demo will be postponed until 26.08.2004. "Although it’s just a demo version, we want to give players as good product as possible, so we have decided to delay the release of the Xpand Rally MP demo a bit. This additional time will allow us to polish the demo to the stage we originally wanted", says Pawel Marchewka – Xpand Rally Executive Producer.

The demo will feature two cars with two different paintings and two tracks. Players will have the ability to choose from two different car handling models: simulation and arcade. Besides the classic rally (time attacks) and head-to-head (with collisions) races, the version will also feature the Free Style mode allowing players to compete with no restrictions to the track, using the whole terrain.

Thanks to adjustable main car subsystems players can tune their car to track conditions as well as to individual player preferences. Additionally, the demo will allow players to host servers – both Internet and LAN(standard and dedicated). The full version of Xpand Rally will also offer a comprehensive career mode with over 70 races and more than 800 tuning parts for cars. The players will be given 35 racing cars divided into 8 groups. The game features photorealistic graphics of the tracks placed on 5 varied landscapes, fully dynamic and interactive surrounding of the tracks, realistic car damage model and driver injuries, finally a set of editing tools allowing creation of players’ own tracks. Check www.xpandrally.com for more info and official game forum.
Xpand Rally will roar into stores on 2004-09-24.

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