X2 Ships For Mac

It's a dangerous universe, but someone has to kick its butt! From the freezing hell of the prison world of Artur to the pirate filled space-lanes of the deep black, X2: The Threat will take you as far as your ambition will carry you. Command a freighter and trade your way to wealth and power, or become the admiral of your own fleet of mile-long destroyers and sweep your enemies before you. Maybe both? The choice is yours!

X2 features dozens of interlinked missions, 70 different ship types, a host of weapons from lasers to remote droids and intercept rockets, a huge variety of commodities to trade and barter and a thrilling storyline that lets you choose your own path to domination.

An OpenGL graphics engine with support for bump-mapping and volumetric shading puts you in a fully-realized 3D universe of stunning nebulae, and streaking missiles.

X2: The Threat is published by Virtual Programming and distributed in North America by Freeverse. X2: The Threat is priced at $39.95 and will be available at the Apple Stores and other fine Mac retailers.

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