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Why Is Playing Online Poker Better Than Playing Video Slots?

Video slots may be the most popular form of casino gambling, but they are not always the most profitable one. While jackpots in progressive slots tend to be huge and can make you rich with a single spin, they are few and far between, and most of the time you will watch as your balance slowly plummets down to zero.

As you can read here, video slots are becoming increasingly popular, but that’s not because they are particularly rewarding.

On the other hand, poker is one of the rare casino games based on skill rather than luck. If you create a good strategy in poker, you will have a high chance of winning continuously, which isn’t the case with video slots where the RNG decides on the outcome every time.

In this article, we are going to give you some arguments as to why we feel online poker is better than video slots. So if luck is not on your side, read on to learn how you can actually use your brains to win in casinos by playing poker.

Poker Is About Skill

As we’ve mentioned in our intro, poker is considered a skill-based casino game. Now, there are some luck elements included in the game, but if your poker strategy is good enough, you will minimize risks and give yourself a chance to win almost every time.

When it comes to slots, they are entirely based on luck and nothing else. Some people may tell you that there are strategies to win in video slots too, but that is fake info. No matter how much you try to figure out the system, the symbols that land on the reels are always going to be randomly generated.

This means that by playing poker instead of video slots, you will be completely in charge of the outcome, which is certainly better for your wallet.

Poker Is a Social Game

Poker is a multiplayer game, which means you need at least one other person to play it. Note that there is something called video poker that allows you to play poker in casinos all by yourself, but this is not what we are talking about.

In live poker, you can communicate with other players, read their reactions, and compete against them, which makes the game much more interesting than sitting in front of a slot machine and pressing the same old Spin button for hours on end.

Poker Tournaments Are Extremely Fun

If you already know how to play online poker and you think you are good at the game, why not try some online poker tournaments? These can have hundreds of players competing on multiple tables. Once there are only eight or nine players left, there will be a final table with huge prizes.

Whether you’re playing for free or with real money, poker tournaments can be very entertaining and competitive. Some online poker competitions can even reward you with passes for exclusive live events, like the ones on PokerStars.

Playing Poker Can Make You Smarter

Poker can teach you a lot about math and combinations. Also, playing this game requires you to be sharp and think fast. It’s not only about your cards, but also the cards, chip stacks, and reactions of your opponents. You have to be aware of the situation around the table at all times if you want to have a chance to win against other good players.

Are Video Slots in Any Way Better Than Poker?

The purpose of this article is not to bash video slots. We just want to share some arguments as to why we feel that poker is a better game.

Nevertheless, video slots do have their charm. They are super easy to learn and can be really fun as well, not to mention that they can be more rewarding than poker if you’re extremely lucky. One great thing about video slots is that they can be themed, like this one that’s about fishing.

Poker can get monotonous at times since it’s played with the same set of cards and on the same rounded tables. On the other hand, slots have more variability, as there are literally thousands of different ones you can find online.

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