Which is better: IOS or Android for Mobile Gaming?

There are certain questions without an obvious answer and when it comes to the supremacy of operating systems for mobile devices, it is virtual impossible to reach a consensus. There are strong opinions on both sides and Android users are just as keen on defending their platform of choice as their counterparts using Apple phones. While there is no definitive answer at hand, we can definitely come up with at least a few conclusions on this hot topic.

IOS Devices are Safer and more Reliable

Online casino players who choose to gamble on smartphones and tablets powered by Apple’s operating system enjoy the peace of mind. That’s because the Cupertino giant takes security seriously and is unwilling to make any compromises. They’ve made an excellent job at ensuring the fact that punters will enjoy the same gaming experience across all iOS devices and you can pay using your phone bill on many casino apps. Essentially, you could play on any smartphone or tablet running on their operating system and the apps will run just as smoothly.

There is, of course, a price to pay for setting the bar so high and holding developers to superior standards. Simply put, there are fewer apps in general for iOS users and gambling applications in particular. It is also more difficult for developers to promote their gambling apps on the Apple App Store. At the same time, players are less likely to run into fake apps and bogus software, because of the enhanced scrutiny. In a nutshell, iOS powered devices sacrifice variety for the sake of reliability and security.

In addition to providing a secure gaming environment, the iOS is an operating system that benefits from the undivided attention of leading developers. While the sheer number of apps available is significantly lower than what is offered on Android, the best ones are released here first. Smartphone and tablet owners who chose the operating system envisioned by Apple don’t have to wait for the latest releases. For players who have a clear preference for premium apps, this is a reasonable trade to make.

An Abundance of Free Apps for Android Users

Tech savvy individuals and those who cherish customization above simplicity instinctively choose Android powered devices. They are less concerned about the threats posed by rogue software developers and believe they can protect themselves just fine. In exchange of taking theoretically greater chances, they enjoy access to the huge assortment of Android gambling apps. Thousands of games are being released every year and small developers are inclined to release them first on Google Play.

Premium and paid apps are usually released on both operating systems, with only slight delays. As long as players are willing to pay a small price to download them, they are unlikely to be deprived of access. Android and iOS powered devices represent the vast majority of these smartphones and tablets in the market. While there is no clear winner for mobile gaming, both of them are perfectly suited to fulfill the high expectations of modern gamblers.

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