Where is the Best Place to Buy Wow Gold?

World of Warcraft is by far the most popular MMORPG around. Despite launching more than 16 years ago, the game continues to have millions of players, an impressive feat for any game, let alone one that requires users to pay a monthly subscription. In addition to the monthly financial investment, you also have to keep in mind that WoW demands a lot of your time. This goes double for those who have to farm gold so they can buy everything they need to remain competitive, such as gear, consumables, crafting materials, and more. But don’t worry because in this article we’re going to show you how to buy cheap WoW gold in order to avoid the mindless grind.

If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft Shadowlands recently I’m sure you’ve noticed that everything is for sale these days. Castle Nathria runs, Mythic+ dungeons, Torghast, achievements, difficult to obtain mounts, and anything else you can think of. Likewise, you’re probably well aware that players or guilds who boost others charge exorbitant prices for their services. We’re talking anywhere between tens of thousands to several millions of gold. No regular player can realistically acquire that much gold without investing a lot of time and effort. But why even bother when you can simply buy cheap WoW gold instead?

I know it may seem risky to buy WoW gold but it’s actually a lot safer, not to mention cheaper, than you may think if you buy it from the right website. So where is the best place to WoW gold in 2021? The answer is simple – lootwowgold.com.

Why You Should Buy WoW Gold

Playing for fun is all fine and dandy but the best content in World of Warcraft is generally very difficult to access if you’re a casual player. You’re unlikely to get very far in Mythic+, Raids or Ranked PVP unless you have solid gear on your character. If you don’t, you’ll quickly find out that the WoW community can be very harsh towards poorly geared players. Luckily, there is a workaround to this but it requires a lot of gold.

Blizzard adds a bunch of high-end BoE items with every expansion and has been doing it ever since WoW Classic. Shadowlands, in particular, has a very good selection of max level purple items you can buy from other players via the auction house. The only problem is that these items usually cost hundreds of thousands of gold. The items can’t be crafted and have a very low drop chance from random mobs, which explains why they’re so valuable.

Crafted legendries can also boost your ilvl considerably but getting the base item will cost you as well. Especially since you have to buy a new one every time you want to level it up. While you can craft these yourself, it takes a ton of materials to unlock the higher ranks and is a goal that’s not worth pursuing unless you have a lot of gold to invest. Once you can craft high rank legendary base items you can get rich pretty quickly, but as the old saying goes, you first need to spend money in order to make money.

In short, the main reason why you should buy WoW gold is because you’re going to need lots of it for everything you do. And also because it saves you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend farming.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Wow Gold?

Lootwowgold.com is your go-to place for purchasing cheap WoW gold for both World of Warcraft Classic and World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Here you can also find plenty of valuable items, such as Mythic quality pieces of gear, mounts, battle pets, trade goods, transmog sets, and more. Unlike other similar websites, lootwowgold has a team of professional farmers that are experts at acquiring gold without using exploits, cheats or any other illegitimate techniques.

What does this mean for you? Well, it’s simple – you essentially get your gold from fellow World of Warcraft players. The difference is that these players have over a decade’s worth of experience and know all the ins and outs of the game. This allows them to farm gold much faster and more efficiently than any regular player could.

Another great thing about lootwowgold is the fact that they have gold farmers on every server playing both Horde and Alliance characters. The delivery is always fast regardless of whether you’re on NA or EU and there are multiple ways of interacting with the sellers. Perhaps more importantly, though, the gold here is remarkably cheap and you can also expect discounts and other special offers to boot. There’s even a loyalty program for players who want to buy gold often and at a special price.

If you value your privacy and want to take advantage of the best prices on the market, there’s no better place to buy cheap WoW gold at the moment. Prices can vary depending on your server and region so check the website often if you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible offers.

How to Buy Cheap WoW Gold

The method by which you can acquire gold for your World of Warcraft account is remarkably simple when you buy from lootwowgold. When you visit the website you’ll notice a section in the center that allows you to place a quick gold order. There, you can simply select your game of choice (lootwowgold supports over a dozen popular multiplayer games), your sever, and the amount of gold you want to buy.

If you would rather take things nice and slow, there is another way of placing an order. Navigate to the ‘Gold’ section found in the top menu and then select your version of World of Warcraft from there, as well as the region you are playing on. Next, choose your server (make sure it’s the right faction) and buy cheap WoW gold by hitting the ‘Add to Cart’ button found next to the amount of in-game currency you want to purchase. Simple as that.

Onward to Checkout

Once you have selected the desired amount of cheap WoW gold you can head over to checkout as soon as you’re ready to finalize your purchase. Make sure to select your preferred currency before doing anything else. USD is the default option but you can change it to either EUR, GBP, CAD or AUD.

If you’re not yet registered on lootwowgold.com, now would be the perfect time to do so. Registered members receive a 2% discount on their purchases and accumulate loyalty points that unlock increasingly better discounts on future purchases. Make sure to also use the coupon code ‘lootwowgold’ in the corresponding field during checkout to save even more money.

After you have entered the relevant user information and the name of your character, it’s time to let lootwowgold know how you would like to receive the gold in-game. There are three different options to choose from, each with its own pros and cons.

Trade by Mail

This method is pretty straightforward. Shortly after your order has been processed, the lootwowgold team will send you the gold your purchase via in-game mail. Keep in mind, however, that only players that are part of the same guild can mail things to each other instantly. For everyone else, it can take up to an hour.

Deliver by Auction House Buyout

This is considered the most secure method because auction house transactions are notoriously difficult to track, so use this if you’re worried about privacy. All you have to do is list any item for the exact sum of gold you purchased and a player affiliated with lootwowgold will buy it from you. The main drawback is that the auction house takes a small cut of every transaction.

Face to Face Trade

When using this method you will meet in-game with a lootwowgold member to complete the transaction using the traditional player trade window. Needless to say, you will need to set a time and place, and be logged into WoW so you can meet with the trader.

Once you’re happy with the selected trading method, choose how you want to pay – credit card or PayPal – and you’re all set. Expect the gold to arrive shortly after your order has been processed.

Final Thoughts

As much as we love World of Warcraft I think we can all agree that this game can be an absolute time sink. Especially if you plan to take it seriously. Luckily, lootwowgold provides a convenient shortcut by allowing you to buy cheap WoW gold, thus giving you more time to actually enjoy the game. After all, endlessly farming gold isn’t exactly fun for the average player, is it?

When you’re visiting the website don’t hesitate to also grab a couple of items while you’re at it. Good gear is crucial if you want to party up with other players for raids, mythic+ or rated PVP content. But why spend countless hours trying to grind the gear when you can simply buy it instead?

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