What Are The Best Weapons For Players To Use In Video Games?

For many players, video games provide the perfect escape from reality, including an exciting mixture of adrenaline, entertainment, and action, which is largely different from most people’s everyday lives. One crucial aspect of video gaming that enables the games to provide such intense action scenes and adrenaline is the weaponry, accessories, and gear that players can kit out their characters with.

In FPS video games, there are usually a range of accessories and gear for players to select for their characters depending on their mission. There are a wide range of weapons and useful accessories to different styles of combat gear. While video games have all the gear that players need, anyone who wants to play safe shooter games in real life, such as paintball and airsoft, will need suitable tactical clothing and protective gear to wear instead.

Sometimes a player’s selected combat clothing, weapons, and accessories, can determine how well they complete the level. The last thing a player wants is to run out of ammunition mid-fight or be wearing camouflage gear that makes them stand out instead of blend in. The weapons also have the potential to change a player’s experience of the game completely.

Good weapons are those that are realistic yet powerful and enable players to complete various missions and levels whilst still providing a need for some level of skill. As video games have evolved through the decades, intricate video game weapons have followed. So, what are some of the best weapons to use in video games?

  • Selecting the best firearms from the arsenal

It is no secret that a lot of video game fans enjoy FPS (first-person shooter) games, as game franchises like Call of Duty have been so popular over the years. Some of the best FPS games of all time have been iconic titles such as Counter: Strike Global Offensive, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Doom Eternal, and Call of Duty: Warzone. First-person shooters have proven to have always been popular and are still growing in engagement to this day. The shining star of any first-person shooter is the gun that is given to the player’s character.

Many of the most popular video games such as Halo, Assassin’s Creed and Black Ops, provide an array of guns for players to use throughout the games. The Assassin’s Creed games feature a variety of weapons suitable for their time period from French Cavalry Pistols in the French Revolution and a Derringer Pistol from the Victorian London era. In more modern series like Counter-Strike, weapons like pistols, shotguns, rifles and more are featured such as the Krieg 552 rifle, Leon YG1265 Auto Shotgun, and K&M .45 Tactical pistol.

  • Creating explosions to cause damage to opponents

No action game is complete without large explosions and ,thanks to a variety of weapons, shooter video games can be packed full with them. With their sheer power and destructive abilities, grenades are a tactical weapon for any gamer to use, after all the act of blowing something up could defeat game opponents or help players reach achievements faster. This useful guide from IGN outlines some of the lethal and tactical grenades that players can use when playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Players can strategically place Claymore’s and proximity mines as well as distract opponents with flash grenades and smoke grenades.

When ammunition is low and players are swarmed by opponents, creating in-game explosions can help to buy some time and cause more damage. If players are wanting to protect their backs, setting timed sticky grenades or even decoy grenades, can surprise opponents. With a selection of the grenades in video games to choose from, these weapons have the ability to effectively wipe out large numbers of enemies. Players just need to be careful that they’re not in their own firing line.

  • Going against players in hand-to-hand combat

Many popular video games require players to perform physical fighting, which usually involves knives or swords. Assassins Creed is one of the most popular video games that include this type of fighting, with players having to choose between various ancient weaponry, including knives, in order to beat their opponent in battle. Whether you are battling with your enemies or practicing your tricks to kill, there are a wide range of gaming knives to choose from, for example highlighted in this article by PC Gamer.

The blades used in Assassin’s Creed are era dependent, so they change with each game, including knives like the hidden blade and throwing knives. Whereas survival horror games like Dead By Daylight have an even wider variety of powerful knives. The game features a range of villains that survivors must come up against, who wield a selection of sharp weapons such as a cleaver, kitchen knife, a shattered Katana, and a hunting knife, for players to use.

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