Warbirds Announces 44-Percent Price Drop

iEntertainment Network, (IENT), the award-winning developer of the World Famous WarBirds TotalSims series, announced today that WarBirds online subscription price has also been reduced by 44% to encourage access to players all over the world. “By reducing the subscription price of WarBirds so aggressively, we hope to gain more players from all over the world with our new servers, new features, and new pricing. We are now both the best online flight sim and the most aggressively priced, “says Wild Bill Stealey, IENT’s CEO.

WarBirds: 2004, a major new addition to the award winning WarBirds series of products will be released on March 1, 2004. The new WarBirds: 2004 product adds a new and improved graphics engine, significant new simulation features, and additional strategy game elements to enhance the reality of the World’s Best Online Simulation!

“We have seen players returning from Asia and other simulations as they discover all the new features in the current WarBirds. We believe they will be even more excited and active as WarBirds: 2004 release nears,” says Wild Bill Stealey, IENT’s CEO. “We are now both the Best and the lowest price online flight simulation in the market today.”

The new release, WarBirds: 2004, includes a new and upgraded graphics system, 4 new terrains, 21 new airplanes, 35 new flight models, brand new ballistic modeling, new sound effects, new auto update features, and new strategy elements.

WarBirds: 2004 is now only $13.95 per month.

When WarBirds 2004 is released in March these new players will get free access to all the new features and exciting new graphics of the new WarBirds: 2004, and already know how to fly and fight!

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