Vision Game Engine 5.5 Ready

Trinigy GmbH, a market-leading company in the sector of 3D Game Engines, today announced the availability of version 5.5 of the Vision Game Engine for PC, Xbox, and Xbox360. Vision licensees will automatically be provided with the new SDK at no
additional cost by the Trinigy support team. Interested developers and publishers can request an evaluation version of the new Vision engine on Trinigy's website (

The new 5.5 SDK features a new and powerful animation system that offers both great flexibility and high performance to game developers. The new system already proved its performance in a joint demo project with AI middleware specialist Kynogon: 1000 fully animated characters are populating a "New York"-style city scenario that already attracted a great deal of attention at this year's GDC. At the same time, Kynogon's market leading AI technology has been integrated into Vision 5.5, providing Vision clients with access to both technologies in a WYSIWYG environment at one-stop if desired.

Among further additions to the PC, Xbox and Xbox360 versions of the Vision engine, a highlight is the substantial extension of its WYSIWYG workflow (=what-you-see-is-what-you-get). Thus, game developers are provided with a convenient, powerful real-time particle editor as well as real-time landscape editing in a WYSIWYG environment. Editing geometry, varying surface attributes or designing vegetation is now possible in the vForge editor while running the actual game.

Furthermore, Trinigy today announced the signing of further licensing agreements with customers in Europe and the United States. "In consequence of our successful premiere exhibiting at this year's GDC and thanks to our quick and flexible customer support, we have been able to further
extend our customer base and achieve sustained success", explains Dag Frommhold, Managing Partner at Trinigy. "We are glad that the recent, excellent press reviews of Vision-based titles – in particular but not only in regard of stability, versatility and visual opulence – are clearly reflecting our commitment to our customers."

Meanwhile, the Vision Game Engine is being used in more than 50 titles worldwide, ranging from
action- and sport games over strategy titles to MMO games.

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