Video Gaming Technology That Online Casinos Will Likely Adopt

Online casino games have come a long way since they soared into the limelight in the 1990s. By today’s standards, these new casinos were quite crude but still efficient. Over time, a variety of technological innovations have brought online gaming closer to the authentic land-based casino experience. Video gaming started earlier in the 1980s and has had more time to mature. Today, online casinos are looking to adopt some revolutionary advances in the video gaming industry to provide better experiences for players. Here are some technologies that you can expect to see on online casinos.

Virtual Reality

Although some online casinos are already dabbling with virtual reality, the technology has not yet really kicked off. At the moment, players aren’t used to playing with VR headsets. However, the technology is poised to grow exponentially and provide players with live casino gaming immersion as they’ve never seen before. You’ll be able to compete with other players in spirited online casino tournaments and lose yourself in a land-based casino in the comfort of your home.

Augmented Reality

If you’d like to experience brick and mortar casino gaming, but don’t want to completely dive into the virtual world just yet, why not try augmented reality. This technology is also currently available at a few customers and is set to explode. Unlike VR, where you’re fully immersed in the virtual world, AR places gaming objects in your real-world living spaces. For example, you’ll be able to play blackjack on your kitchen counter or spin some slots on your bathroom mirror.

Mobile Gaming

With the advent of more advanced mobile devices and faster internet, players are already walking around with thousands of online casino games in their pockets. As you can tell from numerous people huddling over online games in morning train commutes, mobile technology is the future. Thanks to the extraordinary performance of modern devices, mobile gaming is increasingly popular. The first to strongly believe in this type of entertainment are gambling platforms. Just enter to see how many casinos have developed an app tailor-made for smartphone and tablet screens.  The next frontier for mobile gaming is in wearable devices. Players can already play games on smartwatches. Glasses are also set to be the next craze. Wearable devices aren’t only fashion accessories, they’ll soon provide the same mobile gaming you know and love.

Gesture Recognition

Why not get rid of your laptop or phone altogether and use your hand gestures to play as you would in a real casino. Video gaming technology already allows players to play first-person shooter games with hand gestures. This technology can use 3D cameras to track over 20 separate points on your hand to recognise a card flick or a slot spin. As VR and AR technology gathers steam, gesture recognition will probably be one of the vital elements of future online casino gaming.

Voice Recognition

Too lazy to play around with your hands? No problem! Players have been able to control games with their voices for a while now. But the potential of using voice recognition technology in online casino gaming is only starting to catch up to reality. You’ll be able to switch on the gaming console with voice commands. Even better, you’ll also be able to command the slot game to spin or tell the augmented reality roulette table on your kitchen counter which number you’d like to bet on. Bingo and live casino players will also be in a better position to interact and communicate.

Virtual Sports

Sports remain an integral part of online gambling. However, live sports betting is limited by some physical restrictions that don’t exist for virtual sports. As random number generators and 3D modelling technology get better, online casinos will be able to recreate shorter, more captivating versions of live sport. Sports and online gambling would essentially morph into a seamless experience.

High Definition Graphics

When online casino gaming graphics significantly develop, there’ll need to be a viable way to show them off. That’s where Ultra 4K displays will come into play. While these displays have been expensive and mostly used as part of expensive gaming rigs, they are gradually getting more affordable. The crispness of their pictures and unbeatable colour definition is just unmatched. Today, you might not mind if the roulette table looks red enough. However, graphics will matter when video slots become more advanced or virtual sports become more immersive.

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