Video Games Turning 20 This Year

Video games might look like they have only been part of our lives recently. It is something we can agree on because we are noticing some newly introduced video games.

Casinos, especially us online casinos have produced many new games for gamblers. But as much as we appreciate these new games we have to keep in mind that some of them have been in existence for a very long time.

The gaming industry might look like a very young industry compared to the music industry and film industry. But you might be surprised that there are some video games which are turning 20 years. And some of them have already turned 20.

This is such a remarkable milestone for games which have turned 20 in 2018. This article will help you discover some of the game which managed to get this far.


Half-Life was released on Microsoft Windows on the 19th of November in 1998. This iconic game was selected as the game of the year several times. To have those accolades for a game which has been around for about 20 years is something we can cheer about. The game has managed to scoop that amount of awards because of the quality of graphics they have and a wonderful and captivating gameplay.

Metal Gear Solid

Whoever came up with the idea of the gameplay offered in Metal Gear Solid is a flamboyant somebody. The secret agent in the game is actually phenomenal and most quiet secret agent in the whole universe. His quietness makes him kill even a silent snake. This is the part where this game gets more interesting. If you haven’t been playing it then you definitely have to check this out.

Commandos- Behind My Enemy

This game might not be very popular in gaming circles but since it was released in July 1998 it managed to sell 15 000 copies. And it then sold 1.5 million copies in 2000. This clearly showed that whoever was behind the creation of the game knew how to fascinate the fans.

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