Video Game Themes Arrive in Slot Machines

The introduction of online gambling sites for casino players, sports bettors and alike has largely broadened this industry’s territory. People are now able to enjoy this form of entertainment from the comfort of their own home or their mobile device. The games offered on these sites have also evolved and improved, as their digital format allowed greater freedom to the developers. This is most noticeable in the case of slot games.

The slot selection at NetBet and any other major online casino is proof enough that the slot machines have undergone some serious repairs and additions. They used to make up the largest part of the profit both for land-based and online casinos, but recently, things have changed and casino revenues have decreased. This is due to the fact that the regular slots which appealed to the above-50 age group are no longer profitable for the younger player strata.

In an attempt to entice younger slot machine players, casinos decided to use one of the most popular phenomena of the tech era – video games. The interactive character of video games, their competitive potential and use of skills and know-how are expected to awaken an interest in this group of slots players. Certain developers from the most renowned gambling site software companies have already put this idea into practice, which is how some of the most popular games on today’s slot floor were born.

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The video game franchise has been a major success in the industry, with each sequel more popular than the previous one. Nowadays, slot machine developers are hoping to use its fame and glory to promote the slot game made after this strategy. The Call of Duty slot machine is designed according to the original look of the video game and its dark and gloomy color patterns.

The main belief of the online gambling industry is that younger slot players will be attracted to this type of games due to the level of interaction and excitement they offer. Hence, this slot is filled with actual shooting tasks and air strikes, while the symbols mainly consist of grenades and mines.

  • Tomb Raider

This theme has seen its storyline transformed into virtually any form of entertainment, starting from movies, through printed material like comics to video games. The latest addition to the list concerns slot machines which have managed to capture the excitement of Lara Croft’s adventures once again. Tomb Raider slot machine makes use of all action elements carefully chosen as the symbols for the slot reels. Two images of Lara, an Idol and the Tomb Raider logo are the most sought-after symbols, as they award you with unique bonuses, scatter and free spins triggers that can increase your winnings significantly.

These are just two among the most popular video game themed slots present in today’s modern online casino sites. Considering their success rate, there is no doubt slot players are going to get many new variants to their favorite action heroes.

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