Video Game Publisher Slitherine Hosts Cooking Show Featuring Game Industry Visionaries

Doing anything on an empty stomach has always been a recipe for disaster, be it real-life or virtual. No longer. Video games publisher Slitherine has launched today a new monthly celebrity cooking web series, The Geek Recipe, hosted by their very own Chief Marketing Officer, Marco Minoli.

Each new episode on Slitherine’s Youtube channel gives a peek into the kitchen of a renowned game developer, writer, creator, or director, sharing the secret ingredients of not only what makes great food but also great entertainment.

In the premier episode of the Geek Recipe invites Raphael Colantonio, Creative Director of WolfEye Studios and founder of Arkane Studios. The whole Slitherine team is a massive fan of Raphael’s games, from Arx Fatalis to award-winning Dishonored and the very recent Weird West, and they are honored to have Raphael kick off the web series.

What better way to start cooking than going Italian? Together, Raphael and Marco prepared a traditional dish – a deliciously looking carbonara (without cream!) – while talking about how Raphael got to work in video games. He lifts the tip of the lid on his experiences at Arkane, as well as being the founder of his new WolfEye Studios. Mmh… sounds delicious.

There are many juicy stories to write about in this Geek Recipe episode. What about Arkane Studios starting off a fake EA competition? Or that Bethesda was too slow to sign Arx Fatalis? How a demo saved Arx Fatalis just in time? And the age-old question if Italians would break the spaghettis in half before throwing them in the boiling water!

The Geek Recipe reaffirms that the way to a geek’s heart is through the stomach, regardless of background or skill level. “Everyone who works at Slitherine loves entertainment. Every day, from our offices in the UK, Poland, France, Canada, and Milan, we are all looking out to discover the secret sauce behind a successful product – not only ours but also the ones we play, watch, and read at home. We created The Geek Recipe, to discuss with celebrity guests in a familiar environment how their product got to be the point of reference as a game, novel, or tv series”, said Marco Minoli, CMO Slitherine and host of The Geek Recipe.

In The Geek’s Recipe’s first episode, as one of the many delightful reveals, Raphael Colantonio details how he got his start in the industry – with a fake competition! “I was 23 years old and very lucky. I did a competition in a French magazine to win a trip to Texas to test Ultima VIII. Back then, I was a huge fan. They called me and told me they weren’t actually looking for someone to win… but to test the game. They were looking for an employee because they just created an office in France, and the competition was fake! It’s been over 20 years, so I’m sure we can say that.”

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