Turtle Beach Launches Line of Nintendo Switch Sound Gear

Whether you were lucky enough to get your Switch already, or you’re planning on heading out to grab yours soon, Turtle Beach ensures you’ll hear the richest sound from the surprisingly sophisticated system, and the new Turtle Beach Blog highlights which headsets make Zelda sing.

The PX24 packs a lot of power into a slim package, due in no small part to the innovative SuperAmp that features Virtual Surround Sound, Bass Boost and Superhuman Hearing.

RECON 50 Series
Any of Turtle Beach’s RECON 50 series headsets (which include the RECON 50 for PC, RECON 50X for Xbox One, and RECON 50P for PS4) work flawlessly with the Switch. The RECON 60P for PS4 can also be used, but you’ll have to omit the use of its USB amplifier. As such, it functions exactly as a RECON 50 headset.

With its battery-powered amplification, the STEALTH 350VR provides an extra kick of audio immersion from Nintendo’s newest device.

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The premiere eSports headset, the ELITE PRO, is also fully compatible with the Nintendo Switch. Your ears will thank you as they indulge in a plush, cooling-gel infused heaven provided by the ELITE PRO’s innovative ear-cushions.

XO Series
Turtle Beach’s long-time favorite Xbox One headset models also work with your Nintendo Switch. The XO ONE, XO FOUR Stealth, and XO SEVEN Pro models all seamlessly plug into the Nintendo Switch’s headphone jack.

So, whether you’re on-the-go or sitting on the couch not wanting to disturb your household as your late-night session gets you to the next level, Turtle Beach can make your Nintendo Switch an aurally rich experience.

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