Tritton Releases PS3 Sound System

TRITTON Technologies' AX360, one of the industry's first high performance Dolby Digital and Pro Logic certified digital gaming headsets significantly enhances the personal PLAYSTATION 3 gaming experience.

The Audio Xtreme (AX) 360 provides true 5.1 digital, 360-degree surround sound is available now for $129.99 MSRP through TRITTON's distributor network.

The AX360 connects to the PSIII optical port to deliver optimum, Dolby certified 2.1 and 5.1 digital sound separation. For a radical and extreme gaming experience, the unit features eight strategically placed speakers, four in each ear cup. The external 5.1 audio controller amplifies each individual speaker and provides total audio control with inline adjustments for front, side, rear, and subwoofer. The integrated rumble effect also gives PSIII gamers a more realistic and immersed game play.

"The PSIII is one of the most highly anticipated product launches in console history," said Chris Von Huben, president of TRITTON Technologies. "Every gamer has been told to turn down the volume, which takes away from the gaming experience. With the AX360, gamers can personally experience extreme HD audio, getting the most from games or Blu-Ray movies, without bothering anyone."

With the AX360's removable microphone, PSIII users can utilize the featured VoIP and PC connections. The AX360 sound box can support two headsets to share in the chaos. Secondary headsets will be available for $59.99 MSRP.

PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system unleashes a brilliant, high-definition entertainment experience. The Cell Broadband Engine represents a tour de force in parallel processing. Its built-in Blu-ray Disc drive delivers a whole new generation in high-definition gaming and unmatched digital media storage. Whether it's gaming, Blu-ray movies, music or online services, PlayStation 3 invites gamers to Play Beyond.

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