Trimersion VR-like Accessories Announced

3001 AD, a Virtual Reality (VR) hardware developer that has pioneered tracked Head Mounted Displays and innovative gaming accessories for First Person Shooter games since 1995, is introducing a suite of "must-have" Trimersion accessories to enhance the total immersion experience for gaming aficionados, including three new wireless Trimersion controllers for some of the market's most popular games. The Tracked Gun Controller, an upgrade for the original Trimersion Gun Controller, allows the gamer to track directly with the gun. For racing games, the new Steering Wheel Controller creates an exciting, realistic driving experience for the user. The new Gamepad Controller offers an alternative to the gun enabling the Trimersion to be compatible with more types of games in addition to FPS.

Tracked Gun Controller

Taking the lead in innovative controller design, 3001 AD has created a new gun controller for game consoles and computers. Based on the Trimersion gun input device, the controller gives players the edge in First Person Shooter gaming. Using the Tracked Gun Controller is completely intuitive. Move the gun up or down to change the view on the screen up or down. Move the gun left or right to change the view left or right The Tracked Gun Controller comes with a Base Station and is upgradeable with an optional Trimersion HMD.

Steering Wheel Controller

Put yourself in the driver's seat of today's popular racing games. The Trimersion steering controller puts a real steering wheel in your hands. The Steering Wheel Controller's force feedback ensures that you feel every turn and twist. This new racing controller replaces the gun controller that comes standard with the Trimersion, allowing gamers to experience realistic racing action. The Steering Wheel Controller is also sold separately with an option to purchase just the Trimersion HMD to complete your immersive experience.

Gamepad Controller

Looking for the most intuitive way to control your Trimersion games? The new Gamepad Controller puts all the familiar and standard buttons of the most popular gamepad controllers right at your fingertips. Sold as an optional controller for the Trimersion HMD, the Gamepad Controller is a more traditional way of playing console and PC games. The Trimersion adds the final piece to the puzzle by creating a complete immersive gaming experience.

PS3 Converter

We've finally created an adapter that will enable the Trimersion to be compatible with PS3! It will be included in the latest batch of Trimersions and available as an accessory for those who've already purchased the unit.

The Trimersion is fully compatible with PlayStation 1, 2, and 3, Xbox and Game Cube. It is also fully compatible with PCs and Macs in lieu of a Keyboard and Mouse. It is partially compatible with Wii, as it can be used to run GameCube games that work on the Wii. Compatibility with Xbox 360 was not permitted by Microsoft, but perhaps will be in the future. For more information about Trimersion, please visit

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