Top 5 Gaming Apps for People Over 60

No matter their age, people love games, and as the age of technology flourishes, people specifically love video games and games they can play on their devices; most notably, apps. Apps are an outstanding innovation in gaming because there are thousands to choose from all at one’s fingertips. Apps can be installed onto any device and offer hours of entertainment for people of all ages and capabilities.

Apps are especially popular in the senior community. Whether a senior is living in a nursing facility, at home by him or herself, or living with in-home senior care services, apps are popular ways to have fun for people over 60.

Seniors have limited capabilities due to health and general age, making it hard for them to get around and do things that they used to find enjoyable. Seniors use gaming apps as a means of entertainment so it’s important that they know of the best ones available. Whether you are a senior yourself or have a senior in your life, this post may help you find your new favorite game.

The Best Gaming Apps for Seniors

It’s common for people over the age of 60 to struggle learning technology because they didn’t grow up with it; therefore limiting the kinds of apps that they can use. However, the below gaming apps are easy to use and learn while also offering entertainment and cognitive benefits.

1.   Cognifit Brain Fitness

This app promotes healthy cognitive functions for people over 60 while still being engaging and fun to use. This app administers a range of training programs and allows users to track and chart their progress to see where they can improve.

Using puzzles and games as a way to keep the minds of seniors healthy, this app will challenge its users while also enticing them to keep playing.

2.   Lumosity

This is one of the most popular brain training apps on the market and is popular among a variety of different age groups. Lumosity focuses on healthy brain function and does this with challenging and fun games. Lumosity strives to promote:

  • Improved memory
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Quick thinking
  • Attention

With these areas of focus, Lumosity is a great option for seniors that want to keep busy while also keeping their mind healthy.

3.   Words with Friends

Words with Friends has been a popular app for a few years now. This vocabulary based app is great for seniors that want to keep their mind quickly and want to improve/preserve their vocabulary. Like Scrabble, this game simply deals with making words on a game board, the only significant difference is that you can challenge people from all over the world and can keep score on your device.

Seniors typically enjoy this game because they have played Scrabble before so they don’t need to learn anything new.

4.   Dakim

Dakim is a brain fitness app that provides cognitive games and puzzles in order to sharpen senior’s mental capabilities. This app is designed to give the brain exercise so that people over the age of 60 can preserve their mind in a fun way.

5.   Disjoint

Another puzzle app, Disjoint uses various games to work cognitive functions of the brain. This app is an adventure game that uses bright and visually stimulating comics to keep users interested. This app is great for all ages but seniors have been gravitating towards this app because the fun-to-solve puzzles give their brain a workout by challenging them to use geometry, memory, and problem-solving skills; all functions that will keep the mind thriving.

Apps for the Elderly

If you are over the age of 60 or have a loved one that is over the age of 60, these apps could be great options to try; only will you be entertained, you will be sharpening your cognitive functions as well.

One thought on “Top 5 Gaming Apps for People Over 60”

  1. Us old coots (I’m 63) like regular games too! I’m currently in the midst of playing Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire & loving it!! Though the load times are long, they’re a lot shorter than they were in the first game.

    Many of my friends & I don’t have smartphones, just regular cell phones – can’t really afford them on a pension. (Which is why I wish I’d been there when the Blizzard guy said, “Don’t you people have phones?!”)

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